Go Green

Community Science Lab by Astehmari Batekun, Executive Member (Chair)

Abundance Centres UK is a learners’ cooperative based in Tottenham, N15, at the Chestnuts Community Centre. We are focused on advancing an approach to education we call STEAM’d uP Learning, that STEM + the Arts; science, technology, engineering, and maths + cultural creative arts.
The Greater London Authority and Catalyst Housing are in partnership to develop 900 new homes in the St Anns Neighbourhood, N15. Through their community engagement process we have expressed an interest in developing some specific buildings, retained in the planned new build space, as a Community Science Lab. Due to our long-standing work in community science engagement we have received some help from the British Science Association to support us as we develop our bid and project plans, but most importantly we need your support and expressions of interest in this ambitious educational venture.
You can help build our new local STEAM’d uP Learning centre in N15; advancing Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths for all.
At uLearn Naturally Community Science Lab (Tottenham) we intend to have nationally excellent facilities for a Space Observatory, Planetarium, Biology Lab and many STEM Learning Programmes.
We are connecting North London’s STEM people, are you:
• curious about science and technology?
• a student or mature learner?
• a professional working in any STEM related field?
Even if you don’t feel you have STEM interest, we’d like to help you realise, in really fun and creative ways, why science is so important for our society. Help us develop this innovative and culturally engaging Community Science Lab in Tottenham, N15. Register now and join our 360 Forum, today: https://abundancecentre.org/sciencelab.