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Festive Urban Drink by Silverstone Tropical Foods

Dried hibiscus flowers known as sorrel is grown in the world’s tropical regions and ripe fruit
are harvested at intervals then sun dried. Sorrel is enjoyed during the festive holiday in the
In Africa it’s consumed daily and known as Zobo in Nigeria, Karkada in Sudan & Egypt,
Bissap in Senegal and the Gambia, and said to have been a preferred drink of the pharaohs.
Packed with nutrition, rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron it stimulates the intestinal and
kidney function, and combats colds and flu. The deep red aromatic infusion has a unique
refreshing citrus flavour which can be drank hot or cold with added spices ginger and
honey. Rum can be added as a winter warmer.
• 2 teacups of Silverstone Dried Sorrel Leaves
• Saucepan filled with water (adjust to taste)
• 1/4 Cup chopped fresh ginger (alternative 1 teaspoon dried ginger powder)
• 1 cinnamon stick (pinch of dried cinnamon powder)
• 5-10 cracked pimentos
• 1/4 cup dried orange and or lime peel.
• 1 cup of brown sugar (substitute with honey agave syrup, dried dates)

  1. Place sorrel in a large saucepan together with ginger, pimentos, cinnamon stick, dried
    orange and lime peel.
  2. Heat until it boils leave for 30 – 45 mins to cool and steep.
  3. When liquid has cooled strain sorrel leaves with fine sieve.
    (keep leaves as they can be used again or re-purposed).
  4. Place sugar (or substitute) in a bowl heat up kettle until it boils then pour onto sweetener
    until dissolves.
  5. Allow cooling, add sweetener to sorrel, and serve with ice, add a slice of fresh orange for
  6. Rum can be added according to preference.
    Prep time
    10 minutes
    Cook time
    15 minutes
    Total time
    25 minutes
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