Listening Corner

Taking A Trip by Olamide Apata

I had the company of seven other ladies for the Knitting and Stitching event at Alexandra Palace on Friday 8 October.

We attended a pattern cutting course, run by Sewn Together in Haringey. As part of Sewn Together, members of the course experienced one full day of enrichment. At the start of the day, we engaged one another in discussion about our journals. Some of us had begun a journal at the time of the event and our conversation helped us to recall some stories.

As we got talking it was good to learn about a small part of our histories. One story was about discovering childhood pictures as an adult; being able to reconcile with the fact that the events have passed. It was great to understand how journals help our memories along but there isn’t always as much need to hold onto as many physical pieces. The place of family was important in our discussion. We shared the ways that we treated objects we collected, how our interests mirrored what our own parents had. It was important to note how it felt, recognising some traits in us that we found quirky.
Another story was about giving others their space. One learned to realise that there is advice that is given in the interest of our wellbeing. Whether in a place of authority or simply older, there is a given space to allow for respect. The important decision is to listen. @lamisscoco