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Super Soft Shea Lips by Diannia

Autumn has arrived, trees are losing their leaves, the days are shorter and the skin is faced with cold winds and chilly air that can dehydrate the skin leaving it sore, and lips cracked Since the lips do not contain any oil glands, they need extra protection to avoid, cracks and splits during the Autumn and Winter seasons.
One way to avoid dry lips is to apply a lip moisturizer which will smooth, hydrate and form a protective barrier over the lips, leaving them soft, smooth and glossy. A quick internet search results in an endless choice of lip balms for sale. However, how about making your own quick, economical and cruelty free lip smoothing balm?
The main ingredient in this simple recipe is shea butter, which softens, smooths and nourishes the skin and has sun protection benefits. A drop of two of jasmine essential oil is soothing and adds a flowery uplifting aroma to this lip balm recipe.
So simple, so quick and so rewarding to make. To give it a try, follow the recipe below and

• 10grams of shea butter
• 2 drops (per container) of jasmine essential oil.

• Roughly chop the shea butter and melt in a bain-marie (alternatively place a heat proof jar, Pyrex or equivalent into a saucepan of water, on the cooker, add the shea butter and melt)
• Once melted, which takes approximately 5 minutes, pour into a small jar.
• Add two drops of jasmine essential oil and stir with a cocktail stick.
• Leave to cool for 2 hours.
• Cover with a lid once cool.

How to use
Pop into your make-up bag and
apply to the lips whenever needed.