My Own Business

Wadada Stanbury Saxophonist

Haringey Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021 closing ceremony took a magically trip with Saxophonist Wadada

When did you start business?

I started my business in 2018
Why did you start your business?
My business was started because I wanted to have the freedom of working for myself
What training was required?
I am a self-taught Saxophonist, I have been studying the Alto Saxophone constantly for 14 years now, I have also
studied reading and writing music notation
Your typical day at work?
My typical day includes entertaining and performing for guests at functions such as weddings, birthdays parties, funerals, I am available to perform at any type of party.
Challenges in the business?
The challenges I face in my business are staying focused when there is no work and maintaining my high level of
Rewards in the business?
The rewards of my business are that I am constantly happy, music is my passion it has made difficult times
easy. I get to meet a variety of people and seeing the joy that i bring when I perform keeps me going.
Best advice given to you regarding your business that you took on board?
If you love your craft, give it your all and you will be rewarded!!