My Own Business

M.O.B My Own Business by Sonja Camara

Lit Wicks London, Founder Leticia Hanson

Celebrates the art of living well Lit Wicks London is a success story that started in the midst of a global crisis. In
2020, when the Covid pandemic was raging, a young entrepreneur named
Leticia Hanson decided to pursue her passion for candles and launch Lit wicks
London, her own business.

What began as a hobby with a simple candle making kit soon turned into a thriving online shop that offers a wide
range of handmade, vegan and ecofriendly candles and home fragrance products.
Leticia has a talent for creating unique and delightful scents that appeal to
customers from all over the world. She also offers themed and personalised
candles that are ideal for gifts or special occasions.

Whether you want to relax, energize, or romance, they have a candle for you. Lit
Wicks London candles are the perfect way to add some sparkle and personality
to your home, office, or event. Lit Wicks London products are for sale
via on-line platforms including her website
and she also pops-ups and attends local market events where she showcases her

Lit wicks London is not just a candle business, it is a reflection of Leticia’s love
for candles and her desire to share it with others.