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Ark resettlement services

by Kelvin Okeke

The year 2023 has just begun, so let’s get ready
to look for value in all we do for ourselves and our
The CARE (Community Action Plan to Retrain ExOffenders) is an exciting opportunity for males 18
and over to be given a second chance within their
respective communities. It looks to support young people in the areas of Haringey and
Enfield and beyond.
We provide them with support and education for coping with social anxiety, exclusion,
substance misuse, money management, employment, housing, and many other
issues. A chance for participants to engage in voluntary community service and attend
community events.
In partnership with City Bridge Trust, The CARE Project can provide fun and memorable
experiences such as trips to theme parks, stadiums, events, studios, and more.
There are many activities to choose from, such as football, basketball, music
production, fitness, creative arts, boxing, and cooking. More importantly, we provide
a safe environment for young people to relax and engage in activities, including table
tennis, board games, books, and much more.

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PHONE 07944947722. 020 8826 5858