Word Up Creatives

Voices with Purpose

by MGA Brown
We’ve all been there – it’s a fact of modern life that as we recover and re-group after Covid-19 we’re growing busier and busier, and it’s often our social life that can lose out to other commitments.
But making the time to socialise and meet new people is incredibly important, and the regular commitment of choir and poetry rehearsals and the friendships, bonds that can be developed is a great way to begin.

Singing and voicing spoken words releases endorphins which reduce stress and anxiety levels and contribute to a positive mental state. The joint sense purpose created by coming together in harmony as a group boosts mood and overall wellbeing and alleviates feelings of depression and anxiety.

Performing as part a group helps you to overcome nerves and build confidence in your own abilities. Not to mention it’s a great opportunity to share your passion for singing with friends and family. Let’s get together!
List of choirs in Haringey.
Tottenham Community Choir
Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings, 7.30-9:30pm

Globe www.tottenhamcommunitychoir.org/
Lordship Hub Choir
Wood Green Sings

Every Tuesday from 7.00pm PHONE 07795511132
The Dementia Choir
Monday 12.30-1.30pm PHONE 02072631067

Poetry by the People
Sunday 10 October 3.00pm