My Own Business

M.O.B My Own Business Immortal Healing

by Jessica Goldsmith
When did you start your business?
I started my business Immortal Healing 2011. Prior to that I was emotionally unhappy and unfulfilled in life.
Why did you start your business?
So, I started to seek a for solution. Shortly after I was introduced to an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. Whom I did some sessions with. As a result of my positive experience. I was Inspired to do the training. Which I did to a Master Teacher Level.
What training was required?
Later I had to do a Profession Practitioner training to be able to offer the service to others. Which I did and I became a Certified and Insured Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. Furthermore, I went on to train as an NLP Live Coach & Hypnotherapy to further enhancer my skills. I’m also a qualified Life Coach & Hypnotherapist.
Your typical day at work?
I work from Mon 10am-9pm to Thursday 10am-9pm
Friday 10am-2pm. (Close on Saturdays)
Open Sunday 10am-9pm.
Challenges in the business?
My current challenges in the business are lack of promotions and poor social media skill.
Which I am currently taking training to address.
Rewards in the business?
As an Angelic Reiki Healer I support individuals to explore their spiritual journey and overcome deep emotional issues. I believe, the benefits
of Complimentary Therapy can help others. The best advice to me, given by another business? Is to never give up. If one door closes, another window will appear.
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