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Natural Recipes

by Diannia

Skin Brighten Face Mask
• ½ Ripe Organic Avocado
• 3 Chunks Fresh Pineapple
• ¼ Organic Lime
• 1 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• ½ TBS Honey (Local, if available)
• To Cleanse Before Mask:
approximately ½ tsp. Organic
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Add avocado and pineapple chunks to a food processor.
Squeeze the lime to extract juice and pulp onto the mixture. Process until smooth, but textured. Add olive oil and honey and mix with a fork until well blended.
Cleanse skin with your home made cleanser. Dampen a cotton pad with apple cider vinegar and smooth over face and neck. Carefully avoid eye and lip area. (This step may tingle a
little. Some redness is common. For sensitive skin, soak cotton pad with water prior to applying.
Apply the masque to your skin while sitting or standing. Avoid the eye and lip areas. Relax and enjoy for 10 minutes Remove excess masque with your fingers, leaving a fine layer on
the skin.

Natural Substitutes for Toothpaste

Natural Alternatives: Mix baking soda and peppermint liquid to make a thick paste. Squeeze or scoop onto toothbrush and brush as normal.
This has a slightly salty minty taste and also a natural whitening effect.
Some people use pure baking soda, which works great, but is a little salty and bitter with an aftertaste. Also you can suck
cloves and pieces of Cinnamon after eating
for constant fresh breath.

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