Go GreenSummer 2021

Weirhall Road Community Open Space: for growing, sharing and learning

by Joanna Yeung

The Weirhall Road Community Open Space is a long stretch of land next to the Devonshire Hill School field. Opposite the Weymarks Estate
located in Tottenham London N17.
What are the aims and purposes?
Share– Resources Skills – Grow- Plants & Food – Learn Recycling
Who is it targeted to and why?
The project came into effect with community social action during COVID lockdown in mid-March 2020.
The project is open for everyone who wants to get involved to improve the space for community use.
So far, the project has a handful of volunteers from surrounding neighbourhood.
Litter picking and land cleaning are the on-going tasks for the open Space.
Why is this project important?
This project is a demonstration of a positive impact of community social action and act of
good-will for a shared open space.
This project introduces people to the benefit of green space for better environmental health; physical health; mental health and social health. This is particularly important during COVID 19 pandemic while health is a priority for all.
Parents and their children have accessed this open space to demonstrates that gardening is a fun and healthy lifestyle for families to adopt.
This positive action shows that a local diverse community is capable of sharing positive action to improve an open space, thus connecting people together under the unprecedented circumstance.

To find out more, Contact 07932745079,[email protected]