Go Green

Winter Urban Horticultural by Janet

Adding a bit of nature to our homes can be as
simple as putting a flower or herbs we have seen in
the outdoors in a jar of water and appreciating it.
If you have indoor plants remember:
• They don’t need to be watered as often in
the winter cold months.
• Feel the soil with your finger to see if theyare dry or too wet.
• Water from the bottom into the saucer or plant pot holder that they are in.

• Make sure there are sufficient drainage holes in the pot, you don’t want the plant to be sitting in stagnant water.
• Water plants before 6 pm, they sleep just like us.
• Plants love to be touched, check theleaves for dust and wipe lightly using milk or water.
• Remove any dead leaves.
• Don’t be tempted to re-pot a plant at this time of the year they will go into shock.
• Check the position of your plant, practice turning the plant around so that the plant grows evenly

• Check for draughts from windows or fans, try not to place to near radiators if
• Plants can be grouped together for company.
• They enjoy listening to music.
• They love being talked to.
• Having an indoor plant can help to lift your mood.
• Watching them grow and flourish will give you a sense of achievement.
• Caring for something helps with your own wellbeing.
• They add a special touch to your home environment.

Growing herbs on a windowsill have the added benefits of
keeping them fresher longer:

Mint, thyme.Instead of throwing away your scraps, you can grow at
home in a small space
Who remembers from old school days growing cress?
This is quick and inexpensive.
Free trees: https://www.tcv.org.uk/communities/i-dig-trees/

• They help you breathe better.