Reflection – Loss and Recovery by Janet

What a year 2020 has been for us all, personally, locally
and globally. We have all experienced some type of
loss. Whether being furloughed or becoming suddenly
unemployed, both instances created a loss of vital
income. Maybe the trauma of losing the place we call
Whether the passing of family or friends was expected or
untimely, the added mourning that comes with not being
able to attend the funeral due to reduced numbers or
shielding will never not be painful. Lockdown in itself has
meant a loss of many services that have been withdrawn
from our daily routine. Many have experienced a loss of
self-identity what we used to know and we were sure
The loss of human interaction has affected us all, some
more than others. Who would have imagined that
Covid-19 would happen to us, and the impact it has on our future lives?
What happens next? How do I/We cope? The way how we conduct our daily lives has
changed it will never be the same. Many services are online, but many still lack basic
equipment and training to access this new way of functioning. This is the time more than
ever to seek out and offer support to each other. We all need to know that we are not
alone even if at times we feel extremely lonely and confused.
Setting our sights forward to 2021, let’s all
acknowledge how much we have adapted and grown.
We have all had time to be with ourselves and reflect.
We should never forget how resilient we all are and
that the strength we possess has kept us moving, each
day-one moment at a time.
It’s important to have conversations about how we are
doing – what we are feeling. Acknowledging that we all
grieve differently and that it’s okay to not be OKAY.
Open Door is a charity that offers free confidential
counselling and psychotherapy to young people aged 12 up to age 24* living in Haringey,
Free community bereavement and trauma training for individuals.