Windrush Waves FREE

Sunday 23nd June

Time: 2.00 – 6.00 pm

The Windrush Waves event is a commendable
initiative that beautifully encapsulates the
spirit and contributions of the Windrush generation
to British society. Through the interactive exhibition
and communal picnic, it fosters a sense of unity and
shared heritage. Encouraging attendees to share
their personal VHS tapes and cassettes is a poignant
way to weave a rich mosaic of individual stories into a
vibrant communal narrative. This celebration not only
pays tribute to the past but also serves as a beacon of
inspiration for future generations, ensuring that the
legacy of the Windrush community continues to resonate and influence.

Location: Chestnuts Community Centre & Park 280 St Ann’s Road, London N15 5BN
Contact: PHONE 07778224342 [email protected]