My Own Business

M.O.B My Own Business
Frame Perfect

by Teelo Vasiliou

When did you start your business?
In 2015
Why did you start your business?
I had already started a business launching a men’s grooming business in Enfield while I was
at College, which my self and partners then sold on. So during College and heading into Uni
I always had in mind to launch another business.
What training was required?
As I did not study media or fashion or production, my journey was all self-taught and work
experience. I began seeking work experience at various agencies, ranging from model
agencies, advertising agencies, and production studios, assisting photographers, and
participating in other creative projects.
Your typical day at work?
My day starts with responding to all emails and then identifying which brands we will target
to market our services to. We will then plan the marketing approach and execute various
methods to establish contact.
Challenges in the business?
One challenge that is always ongoing is establishing new clients, this is not a simple task,
you can just send an email and think this is good enough, there are a number of activities
and strategies required to establish a connection with target clients.
Rewards in the business?
When we are hired to perform our services, the end results, clients being happy with what
was produced, walking past or seeing our work in public knowing we were a part of this.
Being able to work with a team of diverse characters who have extreme talent. Another
reward is the income, Many more rewards.
Best advice given to you regarding your business that you took on board?
Consistency is key to everything, regardless of who you know.
Always working on improving your skill set no matter how good you think you are as the
competition only gets bigger.
Don’t just talk to the talk, live and breathe and eat what you want to do otherwise it is just a
Never be a busy fool,

Contact details
PHONE 07340860413
envelope [email protected]
New River Studios N4 1DN
• Contact: [email protected]