Listening Corner

Would you like some help with your reading?

by Joanna Burke
Do you know of someone – a relation, friend or colleague who might benefit from this help?
With 2.4 million adults in England alone who can barely read or cannot read at all, adult
literacy is a huge and often hidden problem in the UK. That number means that as many
as 1 in 7 UK adults struggle to read road signs, household bills, menus in restaurants or
letters from school. They may be embarrassed to admit that reading is a problem, and yet
the impact it has on their lives can be huge.

Read Easy is a National Charity which provides a free, friendly and confidential coaching
service for adults wishing to develop their reading skills. The Haringey branch has just
been launched, and we’re actively looking for people who would benefit from our service.
We are offering individuals two short (30 minute) sessions per week. These will take place
at a centre as near as possible to your home (to be discussed). To apply, you need to be:
• A Haringey Resident and aged over 18
• Fluent enough in spoken English to understand your helper, and for your helper to
understand you

The Read Easy coaching programme will continue, in agreement with both learner and
coach, for as long as it takes to meet the needs of the learner.
Interested? Please contact Joanna for an informal chat on the number on PHONE 07979865700.