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Three Top Tips For Healthy Cuticles by Diannia

Your cuticles are better able to prevent disease by being soft, healthy and pliable, so
presenting a strong, healthy, shield to germs and reducing the risk of infection.
The cuticle of your hands and feet are a physical barrier to harmful microorganisms that
could cause infection, pain and disease, and surround the entire area of both the fingernails
and toenails. Torn, cracked, neglected cuticles allow germs such as bacteria and fungus
to enter the nail and cause harm to your nails which could result in slow nail growth, nail
separation, pus around the nails, fungus on the nails and many other problems.
Three Tips
1 Your morning and evening baths are the perfect opportunity to roll cuticles back with
a flannel, the warmth of the water makes this easier to do. Take a flannel, apply soft
pressure to each cuticle and roll back.
2 Mix 30mls of avocado oil which is highly penetrative and contain vitamins A, B and D with
10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, which is healing to the skin. Stir and place in a clean
dry container. Apply 1 drop to each nail every night and massage in gently.
3 Clean under your nails and hands with a nail brush and an antibacterial hand wash. Mix
10mls of apple cider vinegar with 100mls of warm water in a clean bowl. Soak hands in
the mixture for 10minutes, rinse, roll your cuticles back with a clean flannel and apply a
hand cream of your choice.

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