Twisted Kombucha “Twist Shake Taste” by Nicola Moore

When did you start your business?
I started my business in July 2019 after graduating with a Master’s
degree in Food Science, I’d always wanted my own business, as I was working incredibly hard as a nutritionist in the NHS. I decided to follow my heart, going
back to do an MSc in Food Science. I wanted to make an impac
on the non-alcoholic drinks market and shake it up a bit with a raw
live sparkling healthy drink rather than an artificial, sugar-loaded
unhealthy drink.

What training was required?
I developed the concept for Twisted Kombucha through the
Food Product Development and Processing module of my
Food Science course, which focuses on food analysis and food
microbiology as well as product development and quality control.
One of the areas we studied was microbiology, and as I’d already
been brewing my own kombucha for several years, I decided to
test out my product.

Typical days’ work?
Brewing kombucha is not a glamorous job. But it is fun and it’s creative. On any given day I can move several tons of kombucha or heavy items around, developing my arms and back muscles. It’s a great back-story for the brand, and I think people love that fact and can see the genuine passion I’ve poured into every bottle.

The best part of my role?
Is getting out and talking to people, and selling to stockists, cafes, shops, restaurants and
working on the farmers’ markets. This is when I come alive and can endlessly talk about gut
health, science and nutrition

Challenges in the business?
Finding a suitable space to scale up the kombucha business is a big challenge. I produc
based on the size of my brewing premises. A sound financial investor would be the thing
that would help me overcome those challenges.

Rewards in the business?
Seeing people’s faces who say they “hate kombucha” taste mine and tell me that’s the best
kombucha they ever tasted. The look on their face is priceless.
Best advice given to you regarding your business?
Recognising and acknowledging the small steps/little wins which lead to solid growth in the

What does relaxation mean to you?
Yoga, nature, road trips, beaches, good food, nice wine family and friends.

Contact: f: twisted-kombucha p: +44 7731 609598