Eco Urban Life Festival Online Green Grant Snippet; Tips by Pamela Harling

Is your house cold and draughty in winter? The government is currently offering vouchers to house owners and landlords for up to £5,000 to spend on measures to improve the comfort of your home. Householders will have to put in some of their own money. If anyone
in your house is on benefit then up to £10,000 is available and there may be no need for a contribution.
You could apply for help with loft insulation, cavity wall, flat roof, attic room, solid wall or underfloor insulation, for example. If you already have a good loft and wall insulation then you can think about air source heat pumps, biomass boilers, or solar thermal (water heating) systems. Any money left over from these primary measures can be put towards draught-proofing, heating controls, double glazing, radiator thermostat controls, hot water tank thermostats or energyefficient doors.

The scheme will work through online applications. The Simple Energy Advice website gives details of competent local installers who can cash in the vouchers to carry out work. Use the Simple Energy Advice (SEA) website (https://
) to
check what energy efficiency or low carbon heat improvements can be made to your home. Use the SEA website to find accredited tradespeople or businesses in your area that can undertake the work and obtain quotes from them. You are
advised to get at least three quotes to make sure you are getting
he best value for money. Snippet: Apply for the voucher from
the end of September 2020, using the Government website
You will be asked to complete a survey about your home and its
occupants to identify which measures are most suitable for you. The registered installers will also advise you on appropriate measures for your property. The scheme is launching now and vouchers will be available soon. Vouchers must be spent by 31 March 2021.
Important tip – Don’t agree to anything if you are approached by cold callers. Only use installers who are registered with Trustmark.
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