House of Akunna

4U2 enjoyed a pattern cutting workshop delivered

by Jesslyn Roberts House of Akunna as part of the

Sewn Together equip employment project.

1. When did you start your business?

House Of Akunna Fashion School started in Spring


2. Why did you start your business?

I realised I had skills and knowledge I knew my local community would benefit from.

After becoming severely unwell with Lupus and having to quit my job, during my recovery, Ihad endless requests from people asking me to explain how to pattern cut. 1 to 1 sessions turned into group classes and kids workshops . . . the rest is history! I wanted my local community to enhance their skills and have the confidence to either start their own business, find a job they love or return to education.

3. What training was required?

I achieved a BA in Fashion Design in 2017. Although I have a degree, a lot of what I know is self-taught, I learnt a lot by using resources such as books, YouTube and going to free workshops. I also have customer service and digital marketing skills which have helped me tremendously in building my business.

4. My typical day at work?

I think my typical day varies a lot as it depends on whether I have workshops coming up, back to back meetings or brand projects. However, a typical week leading up to a workshop consists of creating content, managing social media, replying to emails, preparing learning material, ordering supplies and managing 1 to 1 clients.

5. Challenges in the business?

The biggest challenge has to be managing all aspects of the business, from admin to social media to facilitating workshops, it can be hard to constantly switch between hats.

However, I’m working on building a team to help manage and grow the business.

6. Rewards in the business?

The biggest reward has to be when people leave my sessions feeling so confident and proud about what they’ve created. So many go home and send me a message saying they’ve sewn together their first dress or have got their sewing machine up and running again and that makes so happy!

7. Best advice given to you regarding your business that you took on board?

Tiny tweaks = BIG CHANGES.

Whether it’s how you present yourself or how you run your business, those small

adjustments can result in huge transformations and progress.

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