Go Green – Eco Urban Festival Online Monday

Let’s go car free, stress free, and look after ourselves.  

Monday 21st

Wheely Tots

Visit wheely tots at www.wheelytots.com

The Rockstone Cycling Club

info@rockstonebikealley.org f:Rockstonebikealley

Green tip for the day : Electric mountain bikes prices range from £500, to £2,000.

Energy Efficient Electricity 

At present there are 59 publicly accessible Electric Vehicle charging points in the borough, operated by Source London and Polar networks. Source London Networks

There are 37 7kw and one 22kw standard EV charging points at 14 locations in the borough which are operated by Source London. Please visit the Source London website  for further information how to use this EV points.


World Car Free Day

The event highlights the numerous benefits of going car-free to residents-including reduced air pollution the promotion of walking and cycling in a safer environment.

Haringey Council has been taking actions to tackle emissions from road emissions in particular and other sources of pollution in general to improve Air Quality.

Skate Park

Informal supportive space to watch and have a go at skating skate_tingz@outlook.com 

Motor Cycles and Scooters


18.00 -18.30 pm   Free online workshop SEMSAH HELP SEW Reduce trouser waist.

Helping you to mend and make garments at home with basic hand sewing techniques and tools available.


Your Bike Project

Youth-led cycling initiative on Saturdays, outside Croydon Block on Broadwater Farm  www.yourbikeproject.uk yourbikeprojectuk@gmail.com