Go Green – Eco Urban Festival Online Friday

The Business of Recycling

Friday 25th

The Journey of Rubbish


Modern rubbish and recycling collection are convenient and easy processes for individuals and businesses. When our rubbish or recyclables are placed outside, in a bin, or down a chute – they are “out of sight and out of mind.” But that’s just the first step in a processing journey. The waste industry does more than simply collect rubbish. Along this journey, industry professionals are essential partners in meeting your community’s needs for professional, innovative and environmentally responsive management of waste. Offering  solutions to some of today’s most important environmental challenges: recycling millions of tons of paper, metal, plastic and other resources; creating new sources of clean, renewable energy; and building state-of-the-art landfills for increased protection of natural resources and wildlife habitats.

Giovanni Giordani  Hygiene Operative 

Gio shares Go Green tip, and a snapshot of his daily contribution keeping local parks, safe, clean and tidy by removing over 2 tonnes of rubbish every week.  

Green tip for the day:  Recycling 2,000 pounds of paper could also save 17 trees.   
Online Enviromental Savings   

Judith resides in a Victorian workers cottage (part of a terrace) discusses the pros and cons of solar panels installation purchased through a council bulk buying scheme. Sharing easy water saving tips and demonstrating how small behaviour changes can save energy in the winter. 

Litter Pick Chestnuts Park

Litter Pick Chestnuts Park St Ann’s Road Tottenham contact Robert: 07535 888253 

e.e.r @EERUK IG:Estateliterecycling f:IG:Estateliterecycling

Giles Leaman Master Crafter

Approximately 100 million plastic bottles are used and discarded everyday with 80% of them simply  becoming no-biodegradable litter.Giles understands sustainability is at the front of local people’s daily lives many want simple tips on how to save money recycle effectively, and enjoy a healthier life style.  Watch him pull a few water bottles out of the recycling bin and create easy yet stunning flowers and musical instruments.

Haringey Action Against Single Use Plastics


Green Jobs & Training

Veolia UK is part of a worldwide Group of companies, with over 163 000 employees worldwide, the Group designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries.

Visit Veolia Batteries


Global  Green Jobs & Training Initiative 

It is estimated that there are currently millions of jobs globally and a report that was led by the Green Jobs Initiative (United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labor Organisation, and the International Trade Union Confederation) has stated that a greener economy could generate 15 to 60 million additional jobs globally over the next two decades.…https://www.enelgreenpower.com/media/news/2019/02/green-economy-new/