Xplorer Summer Projects

Xplorer helps children to use both mind and body.

Completing a route by walking, using a wheelchair, running, jumping, skipping or cycling.

A perfect outdoor activity for children and families. Educational and fun and gives children the sense of adventure as they explore to find 10 markers. Shown on the map. Each market will have a picture and you’ll learn an interesting fact. For a place email info@dilimanagement.com

Take place in various parks in Haringey: Finsbury Park | Lordship Rec | Priory Park | Markfield Pk | Down Lane |  Bruce Castle Park

complete against friends and family.

To take part email info@dilimanagement.com

Xpolrer Markfield Monday 2 – 4pm 26th Jul to 9th Aug
Finsbury Park Friday 2pm – 4pm 30th Jul to 13th Aug
Down Lane Wednesday 2 – 4pm 28th Jul to 11th Aug
Priory Park Thursday 11am – 1pm 29th Jul to 12th A




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Aug 04 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm