Welcome Hubs

Haringey has 3 x Welcome Hubs where refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum
can access face to face support without referrals or appointments.
The Welcome hubs operate as a drop in, and each individual hub has multiple
professionals and volunteers to ensure residents can be supported with their finances,
health, education, employment, ESOL and community integration.
A brief overview of the hubs:
Muswell Hill
Muswell Hill Methodist Church,28 Pages Lane, N10 1PP
Every Thursday 10.00 – 12.00
The Welcome hub opened in September 2021 in response to our newly arrived
Afghan refugees and people seeking asylum who were placed in Home Office Initial
Accommodation in Muswell Hill. Rabbi David Mason from Muswell Hill Synagogue and
Revd Matt Lunn came together to establish Muswell Hill Welcomes and the Haringey
Council resettlement team attend the hub every Thursday between 10 – 12 to provide
support. The hub offers cooking sessions, hosts creative art workshops, Conversational
English, monthly Sunday lunches and a weekly ESOL class. The Church gardens provide
a therapeutic setting for us to have conversations with residents and it’s a fantastic
space for Children to play. From the 19th of May we will have a Haringey Works
employment advisor co-working with the Connected Communities resettlement support
workers and the Children’s Centre outreach team attend weekly. We have also invited
VCS partners such as WorkRightsCentre and KMEWO to the Muswell Hill hub for advice
and guidance sessions. Attendance is approximately 40 residents a week.
Living Under One Sun Community Centre, Down Lane Park, Park View Road, N17 9EX
Every Friday 10.00 -12.00
The Welcome hub opened on Friday the 6th of May and this is in partnership with Leyla
Laksari from Living Under One Sun and Revd Stephen Poxon from St Mark’s Methodist
Church. This is a newly established hub but so far attendance has increased from 3
to 20 residents within a week of opening. Again, the hub setting is ideal for us having
conversations with residents as the centre has a large garden, Café and hosts regular
community events and activities. At this hub we have a Haringey Works Employment
Advisor, Connected Communities resettlement support workers, mental health peer
support worker and we have invited VCS partners to attend the hub, when available.
Wood Green
Wood Green library, 187 – 197A High Road, N22 6XD
Every Monday 13.30 – 16.30
The welcome hub opened on Monday the 9th of May and is in partnership with Hopec
House of Polish & Eastern European Community based on the ground floor of Wood
Green library with an open space and side room for private conversations. Attendance
has been approximately 20 residents a week since opening. Hopec advisors and
volunteers work side by side with Connected Communities resettlement support workers
and children’s centre outreach workers