Kick Starter

by Rhianna Cumberbatch

I started working for the Bridge Renewal Trust in February as part of the Kickstarter scheme the Job Centre provided. I am based in Chestnuts Community Centre and my job role is a Facilities Support Worker. I had just finished university where I studied Criminology and Psychology at the University of East London. I decided to study
that degree, because not only does it interest me, but I also felt like it would lead to a career in helping people, which is something I have always wanted to do.

During the pandemic, I graduated from university. Being out of work alongside not knowing what career I wanted to pursue, I was lost and confused. That’s when I was blessed with the opportunity to work for the Bridge Renewal Trust.

The values that the Bridge represent match with the same values I hold for myself. To provide individuals with the necessary tools to better their lives. The Bridge aims to build and improve the local community and close the gap of health inequalities. I believe this is extremely important to empower communities especially those that have a high percentage of BAME individuals. I feel very fortunate that I can assist in any way to enrich my local community.
As soon as I started, I was in awe of the number of activities and businesses that operate out of Chestnuts, because there is a huge variety. I meet new people and learn new things every-day. I have developed on the skills I have already, such as organising, effective communication and dealing with conflict. I will take these skills through my life. I consider the colleague’s I have met family forever.