Connecting Well Wheely Tots Walking and Cycling Activities

by Kate Bell, Community Engagement Manager, Wheely Tots

Connecting Well, Wheely Tots’ programme of age friendly walking and cycling activities, is all about bringing people
together. They are a great way to meet new people, keep active and healthy, get to know your local area and see
what is happening in nature.
Evidence shows that there are five simple steps you can take to improve your health and wellbeing. They are Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. Our sessions have been designed with this in mind.
Participants regularly talk about an improved sense of wellbeing from taking part.
‘It’s a good group, I like it, I am enjoying it. I have lived in Haringey for almost 40 years. I never knew things like
this existed. The advantage of this walk is that I have learned more about the area. I live near here but I didn’t know places like this existed’
People actively contribute by sharing skills and knowledge such as salsa moves, warm-up exercises, knowledge of the area and nature in the Rec. We also love it when members spread the word and bring along new people as we feel this is a real endorsement!
‘When you are talking you can walk for miles. I am happy that someone recognises me and wants to talk to me.’
We have been consistently impressed by the energy and enthusiasm that people have for learning to ride a bike, no matter what age they are. One participant recently said, ‘To be honest I never thought I would learn to ride at my age. I am 69 now and I am doing this! I feel a little bit more confident every week.’
The sessions have been evolving over time as we like to respond to people’s ideas and feedback. We start the session at Broadwater Farm Community Centre and finish at Harmony Gardens, just in time for a fresh cup of herbal tea before their afternoon gardening session starts. We also have plans to go further afield for walks and bike rides.

Connecting Well sessions run every Friday in Lordship Rec
Walking group – 10am to 11am
Cycling group – 11am to 11.45am
Meet outside the Broadwater Farm Community Centre at 9.45am or
Lordship Hub at 10am
Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather
m 07397 902255 e

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