by Frances Lewis

What is Loneliness?
You could be alone but not lonely
You could be in a crowd with friends
And still feel lonely. Some prefer their own company In these days of modern technology
The computer, the cellphone, text messengers and –
Oh, do not forget
The Ever-popular internet!

Moving to another country
Where you do not know anybody
A country where there is a language barrier.
You could have acquaintances, but not real friends.
You could be married and still feel lonely
The Spouse working afar, unable to do daily journey’s home
Lack of communication, leads to loneliness
Couples grown apart

More so when the children had grown up
And flown the nest
The one left at home, feel more alone
So do not know what is best,
To stay where you are alone
Or leave and still be more lonely.

There are those who had lost a loved one.
Who finds it difficult, in making decisions
What to buy, where to go
Sometimes even what to wear,
What a despair

But it is at night-time
That one feels real loneliness
When you automatically, say good night , God bless
And during the night, reaching out a hand to touch
And nobody’s there