TID JERK Turkey Wrap by Lyndon Wissart

With Avocado Dip


For the filling
200g Turkey Escalope strips
1/3 red onion
1 tbsp Olive oil
1/3 Red pepper and 1/3 Yellow
1/3 Iceberg lettuce slices
1/2 Tomato strips
1/3 cucumber
1 Garlic Clove peeled and crushed
1/2 tsp Fresh ginger finely chopped
1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tbsp Fresh coriander chopped
1 tbsp Jerk seasoning
1 Tortilla plain, Wholemeal or of your choice
warmed as per packet instructions.


  1. Mix Turkey strips with 1tbsp jerk
    seasoning and leave for 30 minutes to
  2. Cut the peppers in half and pull out core
    and stalk then deseed. Cut 1/3 into thin
    slices and place in a bowl. Peel and thinly
    slice red onion. Add to peppers,
  3. In a frying pan with lid over a medium
    heat, heat the olive oil and then add the
    Turkey strips. Cook the Turkey, stirring
    occasionally until the strips are browned
    and cooked through (usually about 10
    minutes) with lid on. There should be no
    trace of pink flesh and the juices must
    run clear.
  4. Add peppers, onion, garlic ginger and
    apple cider vinegar and mix well put the
    pan lid in and let it Simmer on a low heat
    until the peppers are soft but not to lose
    it’s colour, then add the coriander. And the
    Turkey is ready.
    Avocado dip & spread

    1 Ripe ready to eat Avocado
    1 tsp Red onion finely chopped
    1 tbsp Sesame oil
    1/2 lemon juice
    1/2 lime juice
    Pinch S & P
    1/2 tsp Cayenne pepper
    To make the avocado dip/spread, firstly
    cut the avocado in half. Remove the stone
    scoop out the flesh. Put in a bowl and
    add red onion, sesame oil, lemon & lime
    juice, cayenne pepper and S & P.
    Mash with a fork until lumpy smooth.
    Build your wrap
    Lay the warm tortilla on a clean work
    Spread a tablespoon of avocado dip at
    the top of the tortilla, place the lettuce and
    tomato in the centre put turkey mixture
    on top leaving 2 inches of free space on
    each side. Fold in the sides then roll up the
    bottom flap up to the top. Cut the wrap in
    Serve the rest of the avocado as a dip
    S&P is Salt and Pepper mix