The Magic of Colours – 2021 Rainbow

New Year, New Wardrobe: Colour Coding Your Outfits & Matching The Days Of The Week.
Dressing with the theme ‘New Year, New You’, consider colour coding your wardrobe to
match the days of the week to create the state of mind you want.
Researches have shown how the effects of colours can influence our moods and the way
other people respond to us. Known as Colour Psychology

Sunday – Orange
• Sundays represent the sun,
• it’s a great day for spiritual quests
• believed to reflect the soul
• draws attention and energy
• will help put you in a positive, energetic

Monday – White
• Mondays are linked with the moon
• so wearing white is incredibly positive
• helps to look at life optimistically
• supports our emotional body
• honours our feminine or yin energy.
• The symbolic colour of freedom and purity
• many people buy something white when
they are starting something new in their
• attracts reliable people who love freedom
• associated with peace, innocence,
simplicity, and cleanliness.
• Stylists advise wearing white when you
want to bring out other colours you are

Tuesday – Red
• Tuesdays associated with the planet Mars.
• Known for its romance and passion
• the colour if you want to get someone’s
• The colour empowers and draws attention
toward the wearer
• a powerful influencer if you are going to
persuade or impress somebody.
• Linked with energy, movement, and
• wearer’s of red are said to be bright and
easily excitable.

Wednesday – Green
• Wednesday is ruled by Mercury.
• for enhancing communication and
• Wednesdays are for looking after your
mind, body and spirit.
• A stress buster colour
• known for its calming and soothing effects,
• denotes freshness, safety and harmony.
• If you are feeling overwhelmed especially
during lockdown, add green to your outfit
and you will feel better.
• tranquil powers from its kinship with
• restful on the eyes and produces the least
amount of eyestrain, making this a good
choice for people who sit in front of a
screen for many hours.
• Folks who adorn green are said to lead an
active, public life, they always live in a good
area and they are financially stable.
• They are also caring, kind and have a soft

Thursday – Yellow
• Thursday ruled by Jupiter.
• good luck and abundance.
• Sunny shades of yellow are the perfect
thing to cheer you up on a challenging day.
• The colour of happiness, sun, and laughter,
• associated with intelligence and
• wearing something yellow on the day of
your big exam or interview might help you
come up with some extra answers.
• Studies have proven that yellow increases
the production of serotonin in the brain,
• speeds up metabolism and lifts the mood
to all those around it.
• increases concentration and attention.
• People who wear yellow are bright
dreamers and adventurers,
• ready to explore and conquer all.

Friday – Pink
• Friday is a great time to bring out your
creative and artistic side.
• Venus, the planet of the arts is the ruler of
the day.
• Stereotypically seen as the true girly-girl’s
favourite colour
• associated with romance and happiness.
• powerful sedative colour.
• Internationally many incarceration centres
paint their walls shades of pink to reduce
the level of aggression,
• stylist often advise wearers to avoid this
colour if they need tons of energy.
• Viewed as the ultimate feminine colour,
• people who love pink are romantic,
optimistic and self-righteous (in a good
• As a rule, they are people who appreciate
kindness and comfort above everything

Saturday – Black & Purple
• Saturday is a good time to reflect on your
mind and body preparing for the following
week and setting good intentions
• Ruled by Saturn said to be our greatest
• To exude the positive energy of this planet,
it is recommended to use the colours
purple and black.
• Regal and sophisticated,
• associated with creativity and luxury
• once only reserved for royalty.

• Boosting your energy level
• connected with spirituality and intuition
• if you are having trouble deciding, wear
• According to experts, purple wearers are
emotional and sensitive,
• they are dreamy, passionate and love

Other colours to consider…
• Blue is a colour that can be both peaceful
and calming
• as well as cold and stand-offish.
• feeling stressed out, the colour blue can
help you feel more relaxed.
• If you are sad, however, you might want
to steer away –blue can subconsciously
make you feel more “blue.”
• associated with blue skies,
• reminiscent of childhood fun playing
• blue is also the colour of truth and wisdom
and is linked to intellect.
• A stable colour, it has been studied that if
a person feels volatile or has a drama-filled
workplace, wearing blue will counteract
the tension.
• People who opt for blue shades of clothing
are said to be kind, sympathetic, courteous
and even shy people.

• The colour of balance,
• neither dark nor bright.
• If a person has a lot of grey clothing
it usually means they want to remain
• Grey and its shades are a symbol of
• dimensionality, and maturity.
• Since this is a neutral colour, it is
extremely difficult to characterize the
person who prefers it
• but in most cases, a person who favours
grey is someone who does not like to
attract attention and tries to maintain

• The colour of the earth
• people who wear brown are often
perceived by others as reliable,
• strong and stable.
• Wearers are also seen as slightly
• respectful and always look for peace,
stability, and strength in everything.
• The colour of stability,
• seen as masculine.
• If you are a woman in a predominantly
male workplace, wearing a chocolate
brown suit can give you credibility.