Banana Smoothie? by Diannia

So okay, I mislead you there! We will not be discussing a traditional liquid smoothie, instead
on this occasion, we will explore the benefits of a super smoothie for your hair! This recipe
with help to shield your hair from the effects the of the cold, crisp air that signals the arrival
of Winter. Hair is often left dry and stripped of moisture and its natural oils during this
season, leaving the texture of your hair and your curly coils, crisp and prone to breakage.
Reduce the likelihood of hair damage by making and using this banana boost hair smoothie
to moisturise your scalp, help to reduce breakage and strengthen your hair. This banana
smoothie is also super easy to make and use. Read on for the details and enjoy!

• 1 very ripe organic banana (rich in potassium)
• 30mls/2tbsp of jojoba oil (helps to promote hair thickness)
• 20ml/4tsp of rosewater (softens hair)
• Mash the banana up with the jojoba oil
• Mix to a cream with the rosewater
How to use
• Wash your hair.
• Massage into the hair using light to firm pressure, making sure all areas are coated and
leave on for 5 – 10minutes (or longer if you have time).
• Rinse off and dry your hair.
• 0.75p per use.