Breakfast and Beauty all in one by Diannia

As Autumn closes in on us, the days are shorter, the wind colder and hands and cuticlescan become dry and dehydrated.
Take preventative action by pampering and appreciating, your hands using wheat bran which is an inexpensive breakfast cereal stable,
commonly found in kitchens up and down the country.

The key ingredient in this hand scrub recipe is wheat bran, which is inexpensive, granular in texture and quickly forms a smooth, creamy paste when warm water or oil is added to it. Wheat bran is rich in Vitamin B6, which promotes healthy skin and is believed to prevent dermatitis.
This recipe is quick and simple, read on to achieve soft, silky skin and healthy nails.

• 15mls of Wheat Bran.
• 10mls of Medicinal Olive Oil or warm water
• ½ of fresh lemon or 4-5 drops of bottled lemon juice.

• Place 10mls of wheat bran into a small bowl
• Add 10mls of warm water or warm Medicinal Olive Oil (to warm the oil, pour into a small
bowl, place that bowl into a large bowl of hot water allow the heat from the water to gently
warm the oil).• Add 3-4 drops of lemon juice
• Mix to a creamy paste and gently rub into the skin.
• Relax for 10 minutes to allow the mixture to smooth and soften your hands.
• Rinse the paste off using warm water.
• Moisturise your hands.
• Repeat weekly for best results during the Autumn season.

• 1kg of Wheat bran = approximately £1.30p
• 1 lemon = approximately 0.10p
• Medicinal olive oil – Morrison’s or other retailers = approximately £1.00p