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Haringey Groups joining the Haringey Climate Forum

We, at the Haringey Climate Forum, are keen that all the community groups in Haringey work together to reduce climate damage and make the Borough as green and pleasant as possible. The Haringey Climate Forum was set up to enable local people to engage effectively with the Council to take action on climate and environment issues.

Haringey needs support from  local people to achieve this and your members are likely to be becoming more and more worried about the rapidly escalating Climate and Ecological Emergencies. However they may not be aware of the opportunities there are for local jobs and cleaner air as the UK recovers from the Covid Crisis – or what they can do to help.

The Forum already has many groups listed on our Local Green Groups web page https://haringeyclimateforum.org/local-green-groups/ copied from the previous ‘40:20’ web site. You’ll see that we provisionally put the groups into a category, as we want to try to target messages to groups with their specific interests. (Of course these categories overlap, and many groups  will be  concerned with several of these.)

We don’t have contact details for these Local Green Groups and information about these may now be inaccurate or incomplete. So we are reaching out to as many contacts as we can find asking for help to update the entries, and the contact details for emails in the future. As an example of the sort of notices that would be good to spread across your own mailing lists this is a talk about the new Green Homes Grant on 12th Oct, where the Government will hand out vouchers for £thousands to homeowners and landlords. (Eventbrite sign up).

We are also keen to extend the mailing list to as many more of our community groups and individuals as possible, even where their core interest does not relate to climate and ecological issues. We would welcome any suggestions for other groups in the community to approach, and are keen to include the diversity and full extent of the borough.

The Forum would be greatly strengthened if you would respond by checking the entry for your group at https://haringeyclimateforum.org/local-green-groups/ and providing both the contact details and the main categories of interest for your group as explained below. It would also be great if you circulated this to your members to ask them to sign up as individuals to widen the reach of the Forum.

Subscribing information

The Contacts page at https://haringeyclimateforum.org/contact-us/ has the form to fill in to add email addresses to the Haringey Climate Forum mailchimp mailing list, and the ‘org contact’ box lower down is the one to check to show that the email address is for a Group rather than an individual. (This could either be a generic ‘info@’ address or a named person as required).

Please put the official name of your group in the ‘Groups’ box and check all the categories that reflect your area.

Please do a reply to this email if you would like the snapshot of your group changed, and also if you would like to be associated with ‘Green Transport’ , as that has not been added yet.

Request for help

The Haringey Climate Forum is manned by (very few) volunteers and we really need more help with:

  • ·       Adding effective forum software
  • ·       Monitoring emails and twitter
  • ·       Helping with the word press web site
  • ·       And also Stakeholders who will participate in taking this forward

So forwarding this to your members and asking them if they have any time and skills to offer would be great.

Best Regards

Quentin Given (Convenor)

Sydney Charles (helper)


PS. We found your address from your public material and, if you sign up the GDPR privacy requirements will be handled by MailChimp. https://haringeyclimateforum.org/privacy-policy/

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