Summer Edition 2020

Dear Readers 
Hello and welcome to 4U2 Summer Edition

In this edition, we are happy to announce the launch of our new website at:, please watch 4U2 online TV show, when you have a spare moment. You will be treated with a wide range of local news, information regarding events and also have access to a range of holistic, mind, body and spirit solutions. We hope the ideas and suggestions will be of help to you all.

This year the entire world united in facing a common life-threatening disease, Covid – 19.
We have seen unprecedented changes in the way people lead their day to day lives due to
the pandemic, and who knows when things will return to the way they were? People around
the world have been required to go into varying degrees of “Lock-down” self – isolation and “shielding”.

4U2 recognises the power of collective communities and the need to honour those loved ones and associates whose lives were cut short because of the pandemic. Mental health strains have also been magnified during this crisis adding to the challenges being faced. This edition of 4U2, hopes to provide you with tools you can use to manage your “Lockdown” irrespective of the challenges you face.

In this edition you will find information about “Harmony Gardens” a community growing space which supports individuals to enjoy the benefits of gardening in outdoor Urban locations.
Gardening is relaxing and a very effective form of exercise.

George Floyd’s death and the BLM movement also sparked local, peaceful, protest around local policing methods and took place outside Tottenham Police Station. The protest focused on Ending Stop & Search as well as banning the use of Tasers and were supported by Haringey
Stand Up to Racism & Haringey Stop & Search. “The Colour of Justice” explores historical local policing methods in Haringey, can be watched at

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“Word Up Creatives” seeking serious causes in this moment to build and sustain a multicultural society that is equal in education, employment, judicial system, housing and happiness.
Lyndon Wissart “The Inspired Diabetic” has shared his lived experience in “Food 4 All” How I cured myself in 105 days naturally with no medication and how you can do the same”.
You have the opportunity to discover more about “Sober Events” an organisation that supports people with dependencies. We hope you will reach out and benefit from the unique, effective, model of support they offer.

“Style & Fashion” encourages you to support local Haringey businesses making masks as well as empowering creative communities, by purchasing a mask from PinKushion We hope that you learn something from this issue, enjoy and
share information with friends and family for the overall good of all our communities.
Stay safe and well, Sonja 

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