DB Coaching

Dee Buchanan


1. When did you start your business?

Officially started my Coaching business 2019 but started developing it up since 2018.


2.Why did you start your business?

The independence and freedom of working for myself has always been a big factor for me. Being able to make my own decisions and working on my own initiative. I often felt my

creativity being stifled with little freedom to be creative with fresh ideas. Working how you want and when you want is truly liberating in being responsible for you!


3. What training was required?

I trained for almost 2 years to become a qualified Personal Coach/ Education Coach/ and Level 2 accredited DISC certification – ( A personality Profile assessment). I also embarked on a BTEC accredited Business Development Course, Business workshop Start-ups in London Libraries.


4.Typical day’s work?

Usual day is either preparing for a coaching session/s, or giving a coaching session, replying to emails, phone calls, and meetings. Planning a new programme or workshops. Days can vary, I try to stick to my daily task and priority but that can be changed with one email/phone call.


5. Challenges in the business

Keeping on top of all things and having some resemblance of daily tasks that need to be done. Working for yourself and by yourself has many challenges often with a decision that needs to be made to make your business viable.


6. Rewards in the business:

Being able to create something from nothing to having my work showcased in the Tottenham Charter Community magazine. Unexpected referrals, and feedback that what I am doing is really having an impact on the lives of the people I serve.


7. Best advice given to you regarding the business that you took on board?

That developing a business is also about developing yourself. and that it is important to realise that there is no ‘I’ve Made it” Your business should be and will always be developing and changing which means you have to be too!


8. What does relaxation mean to you?

Hot Bath filled with herbal oils and rejuvenating ingredients. Being able to switch off with something that makes me laugh like a comedy movie/show. Family get-togethers taking time out for your family to catch up with their life stories and share mine.


Phone: 07752 797744 Email: [email protected]

Web: https://www. deebuchanan.co.uk/

Contact: [email protected]