Cucumber Skin Toner by Diannia

Summer is officially here, bringing sunshine, improved mood and of course an increase in

body temperature, this raises the likelihood that the skin feels warm and needs to be cooled

and refreshed. Staying hydrated, and feeding the skin the important minerals it needs will

nourish the skin and improve skin functioning. Vitamin K and magnesium are vital minerals

found in cucumbers, helping to keep blood capillaries strong and accelerating cell renewal,

which increases skin radiance.

Here is a simple, quick and inexpensive recipe, suitable for all skin types, that feeds

the skin from the outside in, and will help you feel cool and refreshed.


Ingredients needed:

• ½ a cucumber

• 1 green tea, tea-bag

• 250 mls of water


• Slice the cumber into 4mm slices, put into a food processor or squash through a sieve.

• Remove seeds and set aside

• Pour hot water over the green tea-bag and leave in a container to thoroughly cool.

• Remove the tea-bag and add the cucumber to the container, stir

• Use by applying to a cotton wool pad and wiping over the skin

• Enjoy!