Bro Dougie

Bro Dougie – a brother,a great friend, a community warrior,a radio colleague. Words cannot express the depth of feeling I have about the loss of someone who inspire me,supported on my journey.
My most memorable moment of him was when he invited me to be on a panel at one of his event.I told him I cannot do it because I was not an expert on the topic. He looked at me at said,”Don’t worry man, just say what you know. You’ll get strength from the rest of the panel. Don’t worry man”. He tapped me on my shoulder. I thought,” That’s the sign of a true leader”. I accepted the invitation and the event was a success. He inspired my confidence in that area. A pioneer in community talk radio, he also inspired and encouraged me in my radio work as a presenter.
A true community champion who worked tirelessly and selflessly to inform,educate and inspire. We must therefore cherish and act on his legacy. Rise in eternal peace,my brother.Buzzin Bee